Sonic $1 Groovy Fries All Month Long in 2024

Sonic Drive-In has introduced new Groovy Fries and Groovy Sauce, available nationwide for just $1 throughout June. These fries are crispy outside, soft inside, and perfect dipping in the creamy ranch and sriracha blend sauce. This is Sonic’s first fry update in over a decade, aiming to redefine fast-food fries. Part of the “Live Free Eat Sonic” campaign, Sonic plans more innovative menu items and fun promotions this summer. Enjoy these fries for $1 in any size while supplies last.

Sonic New Groovy Fries: A Flavorful Upgrade

Groovy Fries

Sonic Drive-In has launched its new Groovy Fries, marking a significant update to their fry recipe in over a decade. These fries are designed with deep grooves to hold more sauce, enhancing the dipping experience. They have a crispy exterior that locks in heat and a soft, fluffy interior, offering a perfect texture contrast.

  • Crispy Exterior: Keeps the fries hot and crunchy with every bite.
  • Soft Interior: Offers a fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth experience.

Groovy Sauce: A Perfect Compliment

To complete the experience, Sonic pairs these fries with a new Groovy Sauce. This creamy ranch and mildly spicy sriracha blend is the perfect companion, elevating every bite.

  • Savory Ranch and Sriracha Blend: Free with every order of Groovy Fries.

Mackenzie Gibson, Sonic’s VP of Culinary and Menu Innovation, highlighted that while Sonic’s Tots are iconic, the new Groovy Fries aim to redefine fast-food fries and offer a compelling new option for fry lovers. This introduction is part of Sonic’s “Live Free Eat Sonic” campaign, which promises more innovative menu items and fun, unserious TV ads throughout the summer.

Features of Sonic’s New $1 Any Size Groovy Fries

Sonic’s new Groovy Fries are designed to offer a unique and enhanced fry experience. Here are the key features:

  • Crispy Exterior: The fries have a crispy outer layer that locks in heat, ensuring they stay hot and crunchy.
  • Soft Interior: Inside, the fries are soft and fluffy, providing a perfect texture contrast to the crispy exterior.
  • Crinkle-Cut Design: The crinkle-cut with deep grooves is specifically made to hold more sauce, enhancing the dipping experience.
  • Groovy Sauce Pairing: These fries come with a new Groovy Sauce, a blend of creamy ranch and mildly spicy sriracha, which is provided for free with every order.

Special Promotion for $1 Sonic’s Groovy Fries

Throughout June 2024, Sonic is offering their new Groovy Fries for just $1 in any size. This limited-time promotion is available while supplies last. However, please note that the $1 offer is only valid for individual orders and not applicable to combo meals.

Types of Groovy Fries

Sonic offers three varieties of Groovy Fries to cater to different tastes:

  • Classic Groovy Fries: Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, perfect for any dipping sauce.
  • Cheese Groovy Fries: Topped with warm, melted cheese, adding an extra layer of flavor to the classic fries.
  • Chili Cheese Groovy Fries: Loaded with chili and cheese, offering a hearty and savory option.

Each variety is designed to maximize the dipping experience with their deep grooves, making them a standout addition to Sonic’s menu.

Availability of Sonic’s Groovy Fries $1 Deal

Sonic’s new Groovy Fries and Groovy Sauce are available nationwide as of mid-May 2024. This marks the first update to Sonic’s fry recipe in over a decade. The Groovy Fries feature a crispy exterior and a soft, fluffy interior, with deep grooves designed for optimal dipping. You can find these new fries at all participating Sonic locations across the United States.

To celebrate their launch, Sonic is offering Groovy Fries for just $1 in any size throughout June 2024, while supplies last. This special offer is valid for individual orders only and not applicable to combo meals.

So, if you’re a fry lover like me, head over to your nearest Sonic Drive-In and enjoy this awesome deal. Grab a batch of Groovy Fries and dive into that delicious Groovy Sauce. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on this!

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