Jack in the Box Sandwiches: A Closer Look at Your Favorites

Who doesn’t love a good sandwich? They’re the quintessential meal for any time of the day: breakfast, lunch, or dinner. And when it comes to crafting mouthwatering stacks, Jack in the Box surely knows a thing or two. Let’s dive into some of their sandwich offerings, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll find your new favorite

JACK IN THE BOX Sandwiches Prices and Calories

Cluck Sandwich$8.24700
Grilled Chicken Sandwich540
Extreme Sausage® Sandwich$6.24648
Large Grilled Chicken Sandwich Combo$13.60540
Large Jack’s Spicy Chicken® Combo$13.35530
Large Homestyle Ranch Chicken Club Combo$13.35632
Classic Fish Sandwich.$3.29595

What’s Inside JACK IN THE BOX Sandwiches?

Cluck Sandwich

JACK IN THE BOX Sandwiches Prices and Calories
  • What’s not to love? Picture this: a crispy, 100% all-white meat chicken fillet that practically melts in your mouth, served on a soft, toasted brioche bun. Add in some tangy pickles and a generous dollop of Jack’s Good Good Sauce, and you’ve got yourself a sandwich that’s nothing short of awesome. At a modest price of $8.24+, it’s a small price to pay for a piece of heaven.

Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Grilled Chicken Sandwich
  • Healthy and Hearty. For those looking for a lighter option without skimping on flavor, the Grilled Chicken Sandwich is your go-to. A beautifully grilled chicken fillet topped with fresh lettuce and tomatoes, all nestled between slices of toasted sourdough bread and finished with a swipe of the Good Good Sauce. It’s so good, you’ll wonder how it lasted so long in your hands.

Extreme Sausage® Sandwich

Extreme Sausage® Sandwich
  • Double the Delight. This sandwich is not for the faint of heart. Imagine biting into double the grilled sausage, double the melty American cheese, all complementing a freshly cracked egg on a toasting, buttery bakery bun. Priced at just $6.24+, it’s a substantial meal that promises to satiate even the biggest of appetites. Your stomach will thank you, no doubt about it.

Combo Meals for the Win

Sometimes, a sandwich alone just doesn’t cut it. That’s where Jack’s Combo Meals come into play, offering a well-rounded feast to curb your hunger.

Large Grilled Chicken Sandwich Combo

Large Grilled Chicken Sandwich Combo
  • For $13.60+, get ready to indulge in not only the Grilled Chicken Sandwich but also large French Fries and your choice of a large drink. It’s the kind of deal that makes lunch or dinner a breeze.

Large Jack’s Spicy Chicken® Combo

Large Jack's Spicy Chicken® Combo
  • At $13.35+, this combo takes the regular Jack’s Spicy Chicken® sandwich – a crispy chicken fillet with just the right kick, topped with lettuce, tomato, and mayo on a toasted buttery bakery bun – and pairs it with fries and a drink. A combo that’s hard to beat for those who like it hot.

Large Homestyle Ranch Chicken Club Combo

Large Homestyle Ranch Chicken Club Combo
  • Priced at $13.98+, this is the ultimate combo for chicken enthusiasts. A crispy chicken fillet, Swiss style cheese, hickory smoked bacon, all topped with fresh lettuce, tomato, buttermilk ranch, nestled in a signature brioche bun. Plus, fries and a drink to complete the meal. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Seafood Options

Seafood Options

Jack in the Box also caters to seafood lovers with their Fish Sandwiches, a refreshing change from the usual.

  • Classic Fish Sandwich. Take a crispy panko breaded fish filet, add some tartar sauce and shredded lettuce, place all that goodness on a toasted buttery bakery bun, and what do you get? A fish sandwich that’s simple yet satisfying.
    The Fish Sandwich features a crispy fish filet on a buttery bun with tartar sauce and lettuce, priced at $3.29.
  • Deluxe Fish Sandwich. For those who want to take it up a notch, the Deluxe Fish Sandwich doubles everything you love about the classic – two crispy fish filets, melty American cheese, and a dash of tartar sauce, lettuce, and tomatoes on that irresistible toasted bun


Whether it’s chicken, sausage, or fish that tickles your fancy, Jack in the Box has got something for everyone. With a mix of classic favorites and new, tantalizing combos, there’s always a good reason to treat yourself to one (or more) of their sandwiches.

The joy of treating yourself to a delicious sandwich cannot be understated. Next time you’re near a Jack in the Box, why not drive through and grab one of these delicious offerings? Who knows, you might just discover your new favorite meal.

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FAQs Regarding Jack in the Box Sandwiches

Does Jack in the Box have fish sandwiches?

Absolutely! Jack in the Box is making waves this seafood season with the delicious return of its Fish Sandwiches and Fish Wraps. And guess what? They’re bringing back the beloved French Toast Sticks too. It’s a great time for those who love mixing up their meat options or simply enjoy seafood. Whether it’s Lent or you’re just in the mood for something fishy, Jack’s got your back.

How many calories is in a Jack in the Box fish sandwich?

 A single Fish Sandwich at Jack in the Box will set you back 595 calories. It’s a hefty number, sure, but perfect for those days when you’re really hungry or looking for a filling meal that breaks from the routine. Balance it out with a lighter meal earlier or later in the day, and you’re golden!

How many calories is in a Jack in the Box cluck sandwich?

Speaking of the Cluck Sandwich, it’s a bit of a splurge at 700 calories. It’s a treat well worth it for the days when nothing but a chicken sandwich will do. After all, who can resist that combination of crispy chicken, tangy pickles, and secret sauce?

How many calories is in a Jack in the Box grilled chicken sandwich?

For something on the lighter side, the Sourdough Grilled Chicken Club is a pretty solid choice. This sandwich contains 540 calories but doesn’t skimp on flavor or satisfaction. You get a good balance of carbs, fat, and protein, making it an excellent option for a fulfilling meal that won’t leave you feeling weighed down.

How many calories is in a Jack in the Box extreme sausage sandwich?

If you’re craving something hearty and indulgent, the Extreme Sausage Sandwich is right up your alley with 648 calories. It’s a bold choice for bold appetites, featuring 26.9g of protein to keep you fueled and satisfied. Perfect for those mornings when coffee just isn’t enough.

How many calories are in Jack’s spicy chicken?

For the fans of a little heat, Jack’s Spicy Chicken packs a punch—not just in flavor but also in calories, totaling 530. It’s a sizable meal that brings the spice without going overboard on the calorie count. A perfect pick-me-up that keeps things interesting.

How many calories are in Jack in the Box Homestyle Ranch Chicken Club?

Last but not least, the Homestyle Ranch Chicken Club stands at 632 calories. It combines the richness of ranch with the satisfying crunch of chicken and bacon, all wrapped up with lettuce and tomato for a bit of freshness. It’s a delightful mix of flavors and textures that’s hard to beat.

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