Sonic Allergen Menu 2023

Check out the brand-new Sonic Allergen Menu 2023, specially created to help you pick the right foods for your needs.

Hey there, Sonic fans! We’ve got some important news for you. Now, we want to be clear: while the Sonic Allergen menu is super helpful, it might not cover every single ingredient detail. So, if you have serious allergies, it’s still best to be careful.

Sonic Allergen Menu in 2023 goal is to support folks with allergies or specific diets. But remember, this allergen menu Sonic isn’t a replacement for expert medical advice. If you’ve got allergies, it’s always smart to be cautious and not rely solely on this menu.

Abbreviation list of Allergen Menu Sonic

Sonic AllergensAbbreviation
Tree NutsT
[May Contain][]
None PresentNONE

Sonic Allergen Menu

Please note that I’ve omitted “MSG” since you mentioned that all Sonic Drive-In menu items are MSG-free. If you have any specific formatting or layout preferences, feel free to let me know, and I’ll be happy to adjust it accordingly.

Sonic Drive In Allergen MenuAllergensMSG
Bread Products
Buns (Hamburger and Hot Dog)S,W,G, [M,E]NONE
Texas ToastS,W,G, [M,E]NONE
Poppy Seed BunS,W,GNONE
Ciabatta BunS,W,GNONE
Pretzel BunS,W,G,MNONE
Tortilla (8 and 10 inch)S,W,GNONE
CroissantM,S,W,G, [E]NONE
BiscuitM,S,W,G, [E]NONE
Philly RollS,W,GNONE
Grill Items
Hamburger PattyNONENONE
Grilled Chicken BreastS,W,GNONE
Breakfast SausageNONENONE
12 inch Hot Dog (pork and beef)NONENONE
6 Inch Hot Dog (beef)NONENONE
Philly SteakNONENONE
Grilled OnionsSNONE
Sonic Fried Items Allergens
Jumbo Popcorn Chicken®S,W,GNONE
Spicy Jumbo Popcorn Chicken®S,W,G,ENONE
Honey BBQ Boneless WingsS,W,GNONE
Garlic Parmesan Boneless WingsS,W,G,M,ENONE
Asian Sweet Chili Boneless WingsS,W,G,MNONE
Island Fire™ Boneless WingsS,W,GNONE
Extreme Habanero Heat Boneless WingsS,W,G,ENONE
Buffalo Boneless WingsS,W,G,ENONE
Breaded Chicken StripsM,S,W,GNONE
Breaded Chicken BreastS,W,GNONE
Bulk Salt (Fries)NONENONE
Onion RingsS,W,GNONE
Ched ‘R’ Bites®M,E,S,W,GNONE
Mozzarella Cheese SticksM,S,W,GNONE
Fried Onion TanglersM,W,G,SNONE
French Toast SticksM,S,W,GNONE
Country Fried SteakM,S,W,GNONE
Sliced American CheeseM,SNONE
Sliced Asiago CheeseMNONE
Shredded Cheddar CheeseMNONE
Shredded White American CheeseMNONE
Sliced Cheddar CheeseM,SNONE
Sliced Swiss CheeseM,SNONE
Sliced Pepperjack CheeseM,SNONE
Sliced Monterey Jack CheeseM,SNONE
Sliced Medium CheddarMNONE
Chedder Cheese SauceM,SNONE
Sonic Allergen Menu for Other Menu Items
Fritos® Corn ChipsNONENONE
Pepper GravyM,W,G, [E,S]NONE
Apple SlicesNONENONE
Sonic Sandwich Menu Toppings
Sweet Pickle RelishNONENONE
Sport PeppersNONENONE
Sliced Dill Pickle SpearsNONENONE
Sliced Dill Pickle ChipsNONENONE
Sonic Condiments Allergens
Sliced JalapenosNONENONE
Green Chili PeppersNONENONE
Light RanchM,ENONE
Smoky Bacon Ranch DressingM,ENONE
Thousand Island DressingENONE
Cheddar Cheese SauceM,SNONE
Baja Cheese SauceM,E,SNONE
Garlic Caesar SauceE, FNONE
Carne Asada SauceSNONE
Asian Wing SauceS,W,G,MNONE
Buffalo Wing SauceENONE
Habanero Wing SauceENONE
Honey BBQ Wing SauceNONENONE
Island Fire™ Wing SauceNONENONE
Parmesan Garlic Wing SauceE,MNONE
Spicy MustardNONENONE
Tartar SauceENONE
Salt/Pepper BlendNONENONE
Sonic Allergen Menu Condiments – Individual Cup/PacketsAllergensMSG
Sweet RelishNONENONE
Tartar SauceE,SNONE
Maple Flavored SyrupNONENONE
Barbecue SauceNONENONE
Honey Mustard SauceE,SNONE
Ranch Dressing PackageM,E,SNONE
Cream Cheese FrostingM,SNONE
Strawberry JamNONENONE
Sonic Ice Cream, Add-In Flavors, Toppings and DrinksAllergensMSG
Ice Cream (Vanilla)MNONE
1% Chocolate MilkMNONE
1% MilkMNONE
Whipped Dessert ToppingMNONE
Chocolate Bundt CakeE,M,S,W,GNONE
Yellow Cake Crumb ToppingS,W,G,E, [P], [T],[M]NONE
Malt PowderM,W,GNONE
Jolly Rancher® CandySNONE
Watermelon Popping Candy[P],[T],[E],[S], [W], [G],[M]NONE
Rainbow Candy[P], [T], [S], [M], [W], [G], [E]NONE
Rainbow Sprinkles[P], [T], [E,], [S], [W], [G], [M]NONE
Neutral Slush BaseNONENONE
Cherry SyrupNONENONE
Low-Cal Diet Cherry SyrupNONENONE
Sonic Energy ShotNONENONE
Blackberry SyrupNONENONE
Cream Pie SyrupNONENONE
Atomic Lemon SyrupNONENONE
Cake SyrupS,P,M, [P], [T], [E], [S]NONE
Blue RaspberryNONENONE
Grape Slush SyrupNONENONE
Pomegranate Blueberry SyrupNONENONE
Maraschino CherriesNONENONE
Frozen Lemonade (No Flavor Add-In)NONENONE
Frozen Limeade (No Flavor Add-In)NONENONE
Pineapple ToppingNONENONE
Strawberry ToppingNONENONE
Caramel ToppingM,SNONE
Cookie Dough SyrupNONENONE
Coconut Crème SyrupNONENONE
Cheesecake SyrupM, [P], [T], [E], [S], [W], [G]NONE
Chocolate SyrupNONENONE
Fresh BananaNONENONE
Graham Cracker CrumbsS,W,GNONE
Pie Crust PiecesS,W,G,E, T, [P], [M]NONE
Brownie BitesE,M,S,W,GNONE
Pecan PiecesT, [P], [E],[S],[W], [G], [M]NONE
Cookie Dough PiecesM,W,G,SNONE
Chocolate Chip PiecesM,P,S,E,W,G,TNONE
Peanut Butter ToppingPNONE
Nut ToppingPNONE
Chocolate Fudge ToppingM,SNONE
Ice Cream ConeS,W,GNONE
Ice Cream Waffle ConeS,W,GNONE
Coffee CreamerMNONE
Caramel Coffee SyrupMNONE
ButterToffee SyrupMNONE
Dark Chocolate SyrupNONENONE
Wildberry & Lavender SyrupNONENONE
Dulce De LecheMNONE
Pecan Praline SyrupNONENONE
Bourbon Brown Sugar SyrupMNONE
French Vanilla Coffee SyrupNONENONE
Raspberry Tea SyrupNONENONE
Peach Tea SyrupNONENONE
Blackberry Tea SyrupNONENONE
Mango Tea SyrupNONENONE
Mint Tea SyrupNONENONE
Diet Sprite®NONENONE
Barq’s® Root BeerNONENONE
Fanta® Vanilla SyrupNONENONE
Mellow Yellow®NONENONE
Hi-C® Fruit PunchNONENONE
Gold Peak® Sweetened Green TeaNONENONE
Gold Peak® Diet Green TeaNONENONE
Minute Maid® LemonadeNONENONE
Minute Maid® Cranberry JuiceNONENONE
Minute Maid® Orange JuiceNONENONE
Minute Maid® Apple Juice BoxNONENONE
PowerAde® Mountain BlastNONENONE
Fanta® OrangeNONENONE
Fanta® StrawberryNONENONE
Diet Dr Pepper®NONENONE
Bottled WaterNONENONE
Brewed Unsweetened Iced TeaNONENONE
Brewed Sweetened TeaNONENONE
Sonic Oil & shortening
Fryer ShorteningSNONE

FAQs Regarding Sonic Allergen Menu 2023

Is soy oil used at Sonic?

The majority of items on the Sonic menu are labeled as containing soy. If you have a soy allergy or intolerance, it’s important to pay attention to these labels and avoid consuming any items that may include soy oil or soy-based ingredients.

What ingredients are in Sonic’s ice cream?

Sonic Drive-Ins takes pride in serving up authentic ice cream. The new ice cream product in 2023 is crafted with a higher amount of milk and butterfat, replacing the previous soft serve in all their shakes, sundaes, and other ice cream treats. This enhanced recipe ensures a creamy and indulgent experience for ice cream lovers.

Does Sonic have gluten-free buns?

Unfortunately, Sonic does not offer gluten-free bread options, including gluten-free buns, to accompany their range of sandwich ingredients that are gluten-free. This means that individuals with gluten intolerances or those following a gluten-free diet will need to find alternative options when it comes to enjoying burgers or sandwiches at Sonic.

Does Sonic use MSG?

Absolutely not. Sonic Drive-In takes pride in ensuring that all items on their menu are free from MSG. This is great news for individuals who are sensitive to MSG or choose to avoid it for personal reasons. You can enjoy your favorite Sonic meals without worrying about hidden MSG content.

Is soy a hidden ingredient in oil?

Yes, indeed. Soy can be present in various types of cooking oils. If you have a soy allergy, it’s essential to be cautious when consuming any fried or cooked foods at Sonic. Always double-check with the staff or refer to the allergen menu to make informed choices.

Do Sonic milkshakes have lactose?

No, Sonic milkshakes are not lactose-free. They are made with dairy ingredients and do not offer dairy-free milk alternatives. If you have lactose intolerance or follow a dairy-free diet, it’s best to avoid Sonic milkshakes or look for dairy-free alternatives elsewhere.

Is vegan ice cream dairy-free?

Well, it’s a bit tricky. Here’s the scoop: All vegan ice creams are dairy-free, but not all dairy-free ice creams are considered vegan. So if you’re seeking a dairy-free and vegan option, it’s important to check the ingredients and confirm that they align with your dietary preferences and requirements.

Are Sonic french fries gluten-free?

Yes, according to the Sonic Gluten-Free Menu Guide for 2023, both the fries and tater tots are considered gluten-free. This is great news for individuals who follow a gluten-free diet and are looking for a tasty and safe option for their sides.

Is Sonic celiac safe?

Particularly Sonic, it’s important to note that Sonic is not deemed gluten-free and therefore is not considered a safe choice for individuals with celiac disease. Although they do have some gluten-free options, cross-contamination may still occur during preparation, so individuals with celiac disease should exercise caution and consider alternative dining options.

With the introduction of the Sonic Allergen Menu 2023, individuals with allergies or specific dietary requirements now have a valuable resource at their disposal when deciding what to order at Sonic Drive-In. However, it’s crucial to remember that this menu may not include every single ingredient detail, so it’s always wise to exercise caution and consult with your healthcare provider if you have serious allergies. Enjoy your Sonic meals, and happy dining!

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