Sonic Blackout Slush Flavors in 2024

Dive into the dark yet delicious world of Sonic’s Blackout Slush Float! In honor of the 2024 solar eclipse, Sonic is rolling out this spectacular, limited edition treat that marries the mystical beauty of the cosmos with the fun, refreshing flavor you expect from Sonic Drive-In. Let’s explore what makes this drink a must-try during the eclipse season.

Availability Dates for Sonic’s Blackout Slush Float

Sonic Blackout Slush Flavors in 2024

The enigmatic allure of space comes to Sonic from March 25 to May 5, 2024. The Blackout Slush Float is not just any seasonal offering; it’s a celestial celebration that coincides perfectly with the 2024 total solar eclipse. Imagine enjoying this cool delicacy while the sky dramatizes the rare dance between the moon and the sun!

A Treat in Sync with the Cosmos

It’s not every day you get to sip a themed slush designed to align with a total solar eclipse. Just knowing its availability is tied to such a grand natural phenomenon adds to its charm.

Sonic Blackout Slush Flavor

Prepare for a taste sensation that is as intriguing as a color-shifting night sky. Sonic’s Blackout Slush Float boasts a bold, all-black slush flavored with cotton candy and dragon fruit. Accompanied by a crown of vanilla soft serve and sprinkled with a galaxy of blue and purple sprinkles, this drink is as visually arresting as it is delicious.

Why Cotton Candy and Dragon Fruit?

Both flavors are vibrantly sweet and provide a contrast to the visually dark slush, symbolizing the mystical and the magical, much like an eclipse itself. It’s a flavor pairing that truly sends your taste buds on a swirling trip through the cosmos.

Sonic Eclipse Drink Ingredients List

In each medium-sized, 370-calorie Blackout Slush Float, you’ll find:

  • Vanilla Soft Serve for Creaminess: Rich, smooth, and balancing the vivid slush base.
  • A Distinctive “Blackout” Slush Flavor as the Base: A cool, dark canvas punctuated by the sweet and tangy notes of cotton candy and dragon fruit.
  • Galaxy Sprinkles for a Fun, Cosmic Look: A dash of color that nods to the night sky’s twinkling stars.

Ingredients Making a Statement

Each component in this float serves to create a delightful contrast – the luminous flavors shining through the dark slush mirroring the eclipse’s own play of light and darkness.

The Sonic Blackout Slush Float Experience

As an exclusive treat tied to the 2024 solar eclipse event, the Sonic Blackout Slush Float does more than just quench thirst. It’s an experience, offering a tactile and delightful way to engage with this astronomical event. To top it off, Sonic hands out free solar eclipse viewing glasses with each purchase — while supplies last.

More Than Just a Drink

Whenever I imagine sipping on this gorgeous, galaxy-inspired float, I picture myself witnessing the solar eclipse, the cool drink in my hand combating the summer heat, all while the cosmos performs its magic overhead. It’s the kind of memory-making moment Sonic is gifting us with this unique drink.

Enjoy the cool darkness of the Sonic Blackout Slush Float! It’s a fun and frosty way to experience the solar eclipse from the best seat in the house — your car!


Make sure to mark your calendars for March 25 to May 5, 2024. Whether you’re an astronomy enthusiast or just in for a unique treat, the Sonic Blackout Slush Float promises a taste of the celestial event itself. Float down to your local Sonic, treat yourself to this limited-time specialty, and enjoy the 2024 eclipse in style and sweetness!

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