Sonic Drive In SuperSONIC® Double Cheeseburger

Get ready to tantalize your taste buds with something beyond the ordinary – the SuperSONIC® Double Cheeseburger! This is not just any cheeseburger; it’s a journey into a land of flavors where each bite is an adventure waiting to unfold. Imagine a burger that dances in your mouth, combining elements you never thought would work together, but they do, and oh so brilliantly. Let’s dive into this culinary masterpiece piece by piece, shall we?

What’s Inside This Flavor-Packed Burger?

The SuperSONIC® Double Cheeseburger isn’t just a treat to your taste buds; it’s a confluence of textures and tastes that blend to create something utterly delightful. Here’s what makes it stand out:

  • Two Beef Patties: These aren’t just any patties; they’re 100% pure beef, juicy and rich, providing that substantial, meaty foundation that every burger enthusiast craves.
  • Creamy Peanut Butter: Yes, you read that right! The addition of peanut butter is the twist that takes this burger from great to unforgettable, adding a creamy, nutty depth of flavor that surprisingly complements the beef.
  • Crisp Bacon: The bacon adds a satisfying crunch and a smoky taste that bacon lovers will find irresistible. It’s like the cherry on top but way better because it’s bacon.
  • Grilled Onions: Soft, slightly sweet, and beautifully caramelized, the grilled onions meld perfectly with the other flavors, offering a warmth that comforts the soul.
  • Melty Cheese: It’s not a cheeseburger without that glorious, gooey cheese, combining with the other ingredients to create a mess that’s worth every napkin.
  • Toasted Bakery Bun: This bun isn’t just a means to hold the burger; it’s the final touch that encapsulates all the deliciousness inside, offering a slight crunch that contrasts wonderfully with the burger’s interior.

How Much Does It Cost?

At a starting price of $6.39 as of October 26, 2023, this burger promises an experience that far exceeds its price tag. However, do remember that prices may vary slightly based on where you are and the local taxes. Always a good idea to check Sonic’s website or app for special deals that might be running. Who doesn’t love a good bargain, right?

Nutritional Fact

The Peanut Butter Bacon SuperSONIC® Double Cheeseburger isn’t just delicious; it’s also hearty, with nutritional values that reflect its substantial size:

  • Calories: 1220 cal
  • Protein (g): 62
  • Carbohydrates (g): 58
  • Dietary Fiber (g): 3
  • Sugars (g): 13
  • Fat (g): 83
  • Saturated Fat (g): 23
  • Cholesterol (mg): 145
  • Sodium (mg): 2060
  • Calcium (mg): 271.32
  • Iron (mg): 5.72
  • Vitamin C (mg): 1.05

It’s fair to say this burger packs a punch in every aspect, not just flavor.

Why This Burger Is A Must-Try

The Peanut Butter Bacon SuperSONIC® Double Cheeseburger isn’t just a meal; its unique blend of flavors makes it a must-try experience.

This isn’t your everyday cheeseburger; it’s a bold statement in the world of fast food. The combination of creamy peanut butter and crispy bacon with traditional cheeseburger elements makes for a flavor profile so unique and satisfying, you’ll wonder why you haven’t tried it sooner.

FAQs Regarding SuperSonic Double Cheeseburger

Before you go, let’s clear up some common questions about Sonic’s mouthwatering offerings:

  • What’s in the Super Sonic Double Cheeseburger?
    A delightful mix of two beef patties, two slices of American cheese, pickles, ketchup, onions, mayo, lettuce, and tomatoes, all nestled between a toasted bun.
  • What Makes the Sonic Quarter Pound Double Cheeseburger Different from the Super Sonic?
    The size of the meat. The quarter-pound version is smaller, while the Super Sonic boasts a half-pound of mouthwatering beef.
  • How Many Calories Are in a Supersonic Double Cheeseburger Without the Bun?
    Skipping the bun brings it down to 538 calories, making it a slightly lighter yet still hearty option.

Sonic Drive-In Customer Services

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Embrace the joy of trying something new, and let this burger be your next adventure. Remember, life’s too short for boring food. So, next time you’re near Sonic, give the SuperSONIC® Double Cheeseburger a try—your taste buds might just throw you a thank-you party.