12 Top Sonic Dishes from Fall Menu that Customers want back 

For those that are missing some beloved Sonic dishes from its Fall menu, you are not alone! Food nostalgia is real, especially when your favorite eateries decide to change your favorite menu items. Let’s take a trip down memory lane as we revisit the 12 top Sonic dishes that customers absolutely want back.

12 Top Sonic Dishes from Fall Menu that Customers want Back

1-Sauced JPC Honey BBQ – Buffalo

2-Cinnasnacks and cream Cheese Frostings

3-Vanilla Cone

4-Snickers Blast

5- ButterFinger Blast

6- Crispy Chicken Wrap

7- Fish Sandwiches

8-Original Pretzel Dog

9- Slaw

1-Sauced JPC Honey BBQ – Buffalo

Sonic Sauced JPC Honey BBQ - Buffalo

These Sauced JPC Honey BBQ – Buffalo was a delight that appeased the taste buds of spicy food lovers. With its smoky barbecue sauce drenched chicken bits, this dish was nothing less than a treat. But we also understand Sonic’s apparent business reasoning to remove it due to its high-cost nature and waste producing aspect!

2-Cinnasnacks and Cream Cheese Frostings

Sonic Cinnasnacks and Cream Cheese Frostings

The Cinnasnacks with a side of creamy cheese frosting certainly had us enjoying dessert for breakfast, didn’t they? Despite being an uncommon order, it won many hearts with its sweet, cinnamon-infused bites. We can’t help but miss this treat that was a perfect blend of sweet and tangy!

3-Vanilla Cone

Sonic Vanilla Cone

When a simple vanilla cone is done right, there’s no denying its appeal. Sonic’s Vanilla Cone, made with their original ice cream, held such a special place in our hearts. Soft serve might be cheaper but nostalgia begs for the original creaminess that once was.

4-Snickers Blast

Sonic Snickers Blast

Chocolate lovers were heartbroken when the Snickers Blast, a heavenly blend of Snickers and delicious ice cream, was taken off the menu. Sonic has since introduced new candy blends. However, they’ll never truly replace the distinctly nutty, caramel charm the Snickers Blast brought to our palette.

5-ButterFinger Blast

Sonic ButterFinger Blast

The ButterFinger Blast was nothing less than an explosion of flavors in your mouth. This glorious concoction of Butterfinger pieces drowned in rich, creamy ice cream became an instant favorite among Sonic customers. Despite its relatively costly nature, we hope the rich flavors return to the menu!

6-Crispy Chicken Wrap

Sonic Crispy Chicken Wrap

Who can forget the hardiness of a good ol’ Crispy Chicken Wrap? It was everything a quick bite should be – crispy, savory, and served piping hot for the ultimate comfort food experience.

7- Fish Sandwiches

Sonic Fish Sandwiches

An alternative to the typical burger joint fare, the Fish Sandwich from Sonic provided a break from the beef and chicken monotony. Served piping hot with a side of Sonic’s crispy fries, this dish had a dedicated fan base who are certainly missing its unique taste!

8-Original Pretzel Dog

Sonic Original Pretzel Dog

Pretzel meets hotdog in this creation. The salty, dense pretzel bun perfectly complemented the smoky hotdog, creating a balance that was hard to resist. Sad to see you go, Pretzel Dog!


Nothing paired better with Sonic’s signature burgers and dogs than a side of their crisp, refreshing slaw. More than just a side, it provided a hard-to-find homemade touch, making everyone’s meal that much more comforting.

New Additions to Sonic Menu

Now transitioning to what has also happened in the Sonic world, some exceptional new additions have filled some, not all, of the void left behind by our beloved dishes.

1-Premium Burgers – Hickory BBQ Cheese Burger

Premium Burgers - Hickory BBQ Cheese Burger

With a variety of new offerings, including an excellent Hickory BBQ Burger that seems to have replaced the Bacon Cheeseburger Toaster, the burgers are a welcome change, although we do miss our old classics.

2-  3 New Sonic Rechargers with RedBull

3 New Sonic Rechargers with RedBull

Sonic has tried to quench our thirst and boost our energy with their new Sonic Rechargers! This includes a zesty Twisted Lime flavor that leaves a tangy, refreshing taste with every sip.

1-Twisted Lime
2- Blood Orange
3- Dragon Fruit

3 New Sonic Blasts

And let’s not forget the new Sonic Blasts. They have tried to fill the Snickers and ButterFinger Blast-shaped hole in our hearts with new candy options.

2- Turtle Truffle Nut Blast
3- Chocolate Chunk Brownie

Behind-the-Scenes Insights:

The company has provided insights into the rationale behind these menu changes, shedding light on the decision-making process:

  • Hickory BBQ Burger replacing Bacon Cheeseburger Toaster: The change aims to streamline operations, with messy and time-consuming Bacon Cheeseburger Toasters making way for a more efficient menu.
  • Elimination of branded products: The introduction of new Sonic Blast candies allows the removal of premium, branded items like Snickers, reducing costs.
  • Challenges with sauced popcorn and Cinnasnacks: Waste and operational difficulties have contributed to the removal of these items, highlighting the behind-the-scenes challenges in the food industry.
  • Quality concerns with Vanilla Cone: A shift to soft serve for cost-cutting reasons has impacted the quality of the Vanilla Cone, prompting feedback from disappointed customers.


As Sonic Drive-In continues to evolve its menu, customer feedback plays a crucial role. The nostalgia for discontinued items and the excitement for new additions reflect the dynamic relationship between a fast-food chain and its loyal patrons. Sonic’s commitment to efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and customer satisfaction will undoubtedly shape the future of its menu offerings.

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