Burger Lovers Rejoice: Sonic’s Tuesday Half Price Burger Deal is Here to Satisfy Your Cravings! 

SONIC Half-Price Cheeseburger

Are you ready to satisfy your burger cravings? Look no further than the SONIC® Cheeseburger. With 720 calories packed into each bite, this mouthwatering creation is sure to leave you both satisfied and wanting more. Made with a 100% pure seasoned beef patty, melty American cheese, crinkle-cut pickles, ketchup, onions, creamy mayo, lettuce, and tomatoes, all nestled between a golden, toasted bun, this cheeseburger is a classic that never disappoints.

What’s Included in the SONIC® Cheeseburger

Let’s break down the delicious components that make up the iconic SONIC® Cheeseburger:

Cheese Slice: The melty American cheese is a key ingredient that adds a creamy and tangy flavor to the burger.

Burger Bun: The golden, toasted bun provides the perfect base for all the toppings and holds the juicy patty in place.

Ketchup: This classic condiment adds a sweet and tangy kick to each bite.

Burger Patty: Made from 100% pure seasoned beef, the patty is the star of the show, providing a juicy and flavorful experience.

Mayo: Creamy mayo adds a touch of richness and enhances the overall taste of the burger.

Pickles: The crinkle-cut pickles add a satisfying crunch and a burst of tanginess to complement the other flavors.

Tomato: Fresh slices of tomato bring a refreshing element to the burger, balancing out the richness of the cheese and mayo.

Lettuce: Crisp and crunchy lettuce adds a refreshing bite and a touch of freshness to each mouthful.

Diced Onions: These flavorful onions provide a mild tang and a hint of sweetness that perfectly complements the other ingredients.

Nutritional Information SONIC Half-Price Cheeseburger

Before indulging in this delectable treat, it’s important to be aware of the nutritional information. Here’s what you need to know about the SONIC® Cheeseburger:

Protein: Each burger contains 31 grams of protein, which is essential for muscle growth and repair.

Carbohydrates: With 53 grams of carbohydrates, this cheeseburger provides energy to fuel your day.

Total Dietary Fiber: The SONIC half price  Cheeseburger offers 2 grams of dietary fiber, supporting a healthy digestive system.

Total Sugars: Be mindful of the 12 grams of total sugars if you are watching your sugar intake.

Fat: This burger contains 42 grams of fat, including saturated fat, which should be consumed in moderation.

Cholesterol: The SONIC® Cheeseburger has 70 milligrams of cholesterol, so enjoy it as part of a balanced diet.

Sodium: With 1380 milligrams of sodium, it’s important to be cautious if you have dietary restrictions.

Calories: Each burger contains 720 calories, so keep this in mind when planning your meals for the day.

Vitamins and Minerals: The SONIC® Cheeseburger provides essential nutrients such as calcium, iron, vitamin A, and vitamin C.

If you’re a burger enthusiast, Tuesdays just got a whole lot better. Sonic offers an irresistible 

Tuesday Half Price deals on their cheeseburgers every Tuesday after 5 p.m. exclusively through their app or online. Simply order using your Sonic account, and the deal will automatically apply. Indulge in a juicy, flavorful cheeseburger at half the price. It’s the perfect way to enjoy a delicious meal while sticking to your budget.


In conclusion, Sonic’s Tuesday Half Price Deal is the ultimate opportunity for burger lovers to indulge in a delicious cheeseburger while staying within their budget. The SONIC® Cheeseburger, with its tantalizing combination of flavors, is a mouthwatering treat that is sure to leave you satisfied. By taking advantage of this exclusive offer through the Sonic app or online, you can enjoy a high-quality burger at a fraction of the cost. So mark your calendars and get ready to satisfy your burger cravings on Sonic Tuesday!

Sonic’s Tuesday Half Price Burger Deal Review

As we unveil the burger, we’re greeted with a generous portion of chopped lettuce and plenty of Sonic’s signature comeback sauce, adding a tangy kick. A single slice of tomato sits atop two hickory-smoked bacon slices and a melted slice of American cheese. All these ingredients come together to perfectly complement the 100% pure beef patty. Another slice of American cheese holds everything in place.

The Flavor Experience

When it comes to flavor, there’s good news. The cheese on the Griller Cheeseburger is beautifully melted, a pleasant surprise compared to previous experiences at Sonic. The smoky bacon and the well-seasoned patty create a delightful combination that satisfies the taste buds. Although the bun could be fresher, the overall flavor profile is not bad at all.

The standout element in terms of taste is Sonic’s famous comeback sauce. It adds a unique tanginess that perfectly complements the hickory-smoked bacon and creamy cheese. The tomato, though just a thin slice, doesn’t contribute much to the flavor mix. But honestly, with everything else going on, it’s not missed. The combination of ingredients is a real winner in this burger.

A Solid Burger at a Price

Despite its slightly higher price point, the Griller Cheeseburger offers a sizeable portion that makes it worth considering. The flavorful bacon, combined with the richness of the cheese and the well-seasoned patty, ensures a satisfying dining experience. While the promotional price of $6.79 might seem a bit steep, I believe that $4.79 would be a more reasonable cost. Nevertheless, for what it offers, this burger is a solid choice.

What time does Sonic close near me?

If you’re wondering what time Sonic closes near you, there are several ways to find out. You can contact their customer service, browse their official website, use their store locator, download their mobile app, or engage with them on social media. Here are some useful resources to get the information you need:

Sonic Drive-In Social Media Accounts

FAQs Regarding Sonic Tuesday Burger Deal

When is Sonic’s family night?

Every Tuesday at Sonic Drive-In, frugal families have a lot to smile about. Feeding a family can be quite expensive, especially when dining out. That’s why bargain hunters hunt for discounts on family favorites.

Is the grilled cheese burger available at Sonic?

The new Grilled Cheese Burger from Sonic is a savory mash-up of two classic flavors: bacon peppercorn ranch and cheddar cheese.The new Grilled Cheese Burger from Sonic is a savory mash-up of two classic flavors: bacon peppercorn ranch and cheddar cheese.