Sonic New OREO Big Scoop Cheesecake Blast And Sundae 2024

Welcome to a delicious journey through the latest additions to the Sonic Drive-In menu. If you have a sweet tooth and love surprises, you’re in for a treat! Sonic has once again managed to dazzle dessert enthusiasts with its innovative creations, launching the OREO® Big Scoop Cheesecake Sundae and Blast. Let’s dive right in to discover what makes these treats the must-try desserts of 2024.

Sonic New Desserts in 2024

Oreo Big Scoop Cheesecake Sundae

Oreo Big Scoop Cheesecake Sundae

Imagine the blissful harmony of creamy vanilla soft serve, crunchy OREO® cookie pieces, all crowned with a generous scoop of OREO® cheesecake. Yes, it’s as delicious as it sounds. Packing 570 calories, this sundae is a dream come true for those who enjoy the rich, creamy texture of cheesecake combined with the unmistakable flavor of OREO® cookies. It’s a classic with a delightful twist, and here’s why you shouldn’t miss out on it:

  • The sundae brings together the best of both worlds – the creamy delight of vanilla soft serve and the crunchy, chocolaty goodness of OREO®.
  • Each spoonful promises a perfect mix of textures and flavors guaranteed to satiate your dessert cravings.

And for those who love to explore different flavors, Sonic doesn’t stop at just OREO®. They offer a variety of sundae flavors like Strawberry, Caramel, and Hot Fudge, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Oreo Big Scoop Cheesecake Blast

Oreo Big Scoop Cheesecake Blast

For an even more indulgent experience, the OREO Cheesecake Blast is your go-to. With 1000 calories of dessert ecstasy, it features creamy cheesecake soft serve blended to perfection with crunchy OREO® pieces, all topped with a luscious scoop of OREO® cheesecake. Here’s what makes it a luxurious treat:

  • The fusion of cheesecake syrup with OREO® cheesecake and cookie pieces creates an irresistibly rich flavor and texture.
  • Every sip is a blend of creamy and crunchy, offering a fulfilling dessert experience that’s second to none.

For those keen on exploring, Sonic also invites you to try other variations of their famous blasts, each promising a unique burst of flavors.

Sonic New Oreo Dessert Pricing and Availability

Available across participating Sonic Drive-Ins from April 1 to June 2, 2024, these limited-time offers are both exciting and accessible. Priced at $3.99 for the Sundae and $4.99 for the Blast (medium size), they provide a great way to treat yourself without breaking the bank. It’s a perfect opportunity to relish these delightful new additions and maybe even discover your new favorite dessert.

Nutritional Insights

For those mindful about their diet, here’s what to expect from these treats:

  • The Oreo Big Scoop Cheesecake Sundae offers a balanced blend of nutrients with 570 calories, including 8g protein, 65g carbohydrates, and 30g fats.
  • Opting for the Oreo Big Scoop Cheesecake Blast will indulge you with 1000 calories, along with higher amounts of protein (13g), carbohydrates (121g), and fats (51g).

While these desserts are indulgent, they’re the perfect occasional treat for those looking to indulge responsibly.

Final Thoughts

The new OREO Cheesecake Sundae and Blast at Sonic Drive-In signify more than just a treat; they are a celebration of creativity and flavor. They embody Sonic’s commitment to bringing novel and delightful dessert options to its menu, catering to the tastes of OREO lovers, cheesecake aficionados, and dessert explorers alike. Whether it’s to enjoy a familiar flavor in a new form or to indulge in a creamy, crunchy delight, these new offerings are poised to satisfy your cravings in the most delicious way possible. So, why wait? Make your way to the nearest Sonic and let the feast begin!

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