Sizes of Sonic Blasts

Choosing from Sonic’s plethora of delicious desserts can be a daunting task, especially when faced with the tempting array of Sonic Blasts. To simplify your decision-making process, let’s explore the available sizes of Sonic Blasts.

Introduction to Sonic Blasts

Sizes of Sonic Blasts

Sonic is renowned for its extensive selection of Blast options, akin to Dairy Queen’s Blizzard. These indulgent treats consist of rich and creamy vanilla ice cream paired with your choice of candy or cookie toppings. Renowned for their delectable mix-ins, Sonic Blasts are a beloved favorite among ice cream enthusiasts across America. The customization options are virtually endless, making Sonic Blasts a must-try during your next visit to the States.

Sonic offers seven distinctive Blast flavors and four enticing Flavor Funnel variations. Regardless of the flavor chosen, each Sonic Blast features a base of whipped vanilla ice cream, complemented by your preferred candy, cookie, or sweet flavor.

Sizes of Sonic Blasts

Sonic Blasts are available in four sizes, catering to varying preferences and appetites:

Sonic Blasts

– Mini Blast: 10 oz. Perfect for kids or those seeking a smaller indulgence.

– Small Blast: 12 oz. Ideal for individuals craving a satisfying sweet treat.

– Medium Blast: 20 oz. A popular choice among adults and perfect for sharing.

– Large Blast: 32 oz. The ultimate indulgence for those with a serious sweet tooth.

About Sonic

If you’ve ever embarked on a road trip across the United States, chances are you’ve encountered numerous fast-food establishments along the way. Among these, Sonic Drive-In stands out, boasting over 3,500 locations across 43 states. Founded in 1953 in Shawnee, Oklahoma, by Troy Smith, Sonic’s inception was inspired by the concept of a drive-in restaurant.

Sonic’s drive-in service allows patrons to conveniently park their vehicles, place their orders, and savor their meals from the comfort of their cars. The menu is diverse, featuring everything from classic hamburgers and fries to innovative offerings like fried jalapenos and soft pretzels.

FAQs Regarding Sonic Sizes

Q: What exactly is a Sonic Blast Menu?

A: The Sonic Blasts is a chilled treat crafted using Sonic Drive-In’s signature vanilla soft-serve, combined with an assortment of candies and cookies.

Q: How is the pricing structured for Sonic Blasts?

A: You can purchase a small-sized Sonic Blast for $3.20, while the large size is priced at $3.70.

Q: How does a Sonic Blast differ from a regular shake?

A: While both Sonic Blasts are delightful, a Sonic Blast is a unique blend of Sonic’s creamy vanilla soft-serve and chunks of candy or cookies. In contrast, a milkshake is a smooth mixture of milk, ice cream, and various flavors. Owing to its ingredients, Sonic Blasts have a richer texture and a distinctive taste, thanks to the added candy and cookie chunks.

Q: What are the current prices for Sonic Blast?

A: For those looking to indulge, a small Sonic Blast is available for $3.20, and its larger counterpart for $3.70.

Q: Has Sonic discontinued the Blast from their menu?

A: No worries, Sonic Drive-In still offers the popular Sonic Blasts on their menu.


In summary, Sonic Blasts enhances the milkshake encounter by infusing an assortment of delightful flavors derived from cherished candies and cookies. Despite maintaining genuine vanilla ice cream as the base, Sonic skillfully blends or whips it to achieve a texture reminiscent of a classic shake. Feedback consistently lauds Sonic Blasts as a standout feature on the menu. With a range of sizes on offer, you have the flexibility to customize your indulgence according to your cravings.

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