Sonic Blast Menu with Prices in 2023

In the world of fast food desserts, the Sonic Blast Menu stands out as an irresistibly tempting offering. Originating from the renowned fast food giant, Sonic Drive-In, these Sonic Blast Menu treats have managed to strike the perfect balance between the creaminess of ice cream and the crunch of beloved candies and cookies.

Sonic Blast Menu

What are SONIC Blasts®?

Originating from the renowned fast-food chain, Sonic Drive-In, SONIC Blast Menu are more than just ice cream. Think of velvety vanilla soft-serve merged flawlessly with your preferred candy or cookie pieces, providing a fusion of flavors in every bite. It’s not just an ice cream – it’s an experience.

A Glimpse Into The World of SONIC Blasts 2023

At its core, a SONIC Blast® boasts of Sonic Drive-In’s signature vanilla soft-serve ice cream. But what sets it apart? The generous addition of popular candy and cookie pieces, which not only enhance its flavor but also make every bite an adventure.

World of SONIC Blasts

Imagine swirling through the distinct flavors of Reese’s® Peanut Butter Cup, or the crunch of an OREO® Cookie. With options spanning from the classic Snickers® bar to the unconventional Blue Raspberry Starburst® or Jolly Rancher® Green Apple, there’s something for everyone.

Not in the mood for candy? Why not dive into the unique blend of Cinnabon® Cinnamon Roll Pieces or the refreshing Mango Madness™? The options are not just diverse; they’re downright tantalizing!

Sonic Blast Menu Experience

Venturing into Sonic Drive-In for the first time or the hundredth, the experience is heightened by the anticipation of that freshly made SONIC Blast®. With each treat made to order, the convenience of drive-in service means you’re just a carhop away from dessert heaven.

Sonic Blast Flavors in 2023

With such a vast assortment, you’re bound to find a SONIC Blast® that tickles your fancy:

  • Reese’s® Peanut Butter Cup SONIC Blast®
  • SONIC Blast® made with Snickers® bar
  • SONIC Blast® made with OREO® Cookie Pieces
  • SONIC Blast® made with BUTTERFINGER® candy
  • SONIC Blast® made with M&M’S® Chocolate Candies
Sonic Blast Flavors

Sonic Blast Prices in 2023

The Sonic Blast prices for flavors like Reese’s® Peanut Butter Cup and Snickers® start at $3.20 for a small size. Fans of cookies will definitely enjoy the Sonic Oreo Blast, which is priced similarly to other flavors on the Sonic blasts menu.

Whether you’re looking for a mini sonic blast for a light treat or a big blast sonic for an ultimate indulgence, there’s something for everyone. The Sonic Blasts menu offers a variety of flavors, from BUTTERFINGER® to M&M’S®, Sonic cookie dough blast all available in different Sonic Blast sizes. With consistent pricing across the board, choosing between the mini and the large size won’t break the bank.

Sonic Blast Flavors

  • Small
    • Reese’s® Peanut Butter Cup – $3.20
    • Snickers® – $3.20
    • OREO® – $3.20
    • BUTTERFINGER® – $3.20
    • M&M’S® – $3.20
  • Large
    • Reese’s® Peanut Butter Cup – $3.70
    • Snickers® – $3.70
    • OREO® – $3.70
    • BUTTERFINGER® – $3.70
    • M&M’S® – $3.70

Sonic Blast Sizes and Calorie Breakdown

Available in two sizes:

  • Small (10 ounces)
  • Large (12 ounces)

The small size contains approximately 400 calories, while the large size holds about 600 calories. Crafted with Sonic’s signature vanilla soft-serve, the Sonic Blast can be customized with a choice of candy or cookie toppings.

Sonic Master Blast

Unveiled in 2014, the Sonic Master Blast is the crème de la crème of Sonic Blasts. Crafted using Sonic’s signature vanilla soft-serve and blended with premium candy and cookie chunks, it boasts a richer texture and bolder flavor than its regular counterpart.

The Sonic Master Blast flavors include:

  • Cookie Dough
  • Triple Chocolate
  • Turtle Pecan
  • Pineapple Upside Down
  • Banana Split
  • Caramel Brownie

Though priced slightly higher than the standard Sonic Blasts Menu, the Master Blast promises an unparalleled taste and creamy consistency that justifies the splurge. In essence, it’s Sonic’s luxury take on the classic Blast, enhanced in both flavor and quality.

If you’re looking to elevate Sonic Blast indulgence:

  • Mix it Right: For a harmonious blend of flavors, ensure your candy and cookie pieces are thoroughly mixed into the ice cream before digging in.
  • A Touch of Luxury: Enhance its richness by opting for a scoop of whipped cream and a cherry on top.
  • Milkshake Marvel: Use your SONIC Blasts as a base for a luscious milkshake, adding your desired flavors.
  • Sundae Soiree: Transform your Blast into a sundae by layering it with hot fudge, caramel sauce, or a sprinkle of your favorite toppings.

Conscious Choices with SONIC Blast® Delights

Sonic Blast Menu offers a tantalizing medley of flavors, but it’s good to keep in mind its indulgent nature. To illustrate, a small serving blended with Reese’s® Peanut Butter Cups packs a delightful 560 calories.

For those keeping an eye on their calorie intake, think about relishing a more modest portion, sharing the joy with a friend, or foregoing the whipped cream and cherry garnish.

True enjoyment comes from Sonic Menu blasts that harmonize with your dietary preferences, letting you savor each bite, guilt-free.

How to Get a Free Sonic Blast Promo Code?

Here are some tips to help you save on your Sonic Blasts:

  • Download the Sonic app for exclusive deals.
  • Join the Sonic email list for regular coupons and updates.
  • Stay connected on Sonic’s social media for announcements and giveaways.
  • Scout local newspapers and magazines for Sonic coupons.
  • Inquire at your nearby Sonic about location-specific promotions.

Sonic Drive-In Customer Services

If you have any queries or need assistance, here are Sonic Drive-In’s customer services details:

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FAQs Regarding Sonic Blast Menu

Q: What exactly is a Sonic Blast Menu?

A: The Sonic Blasts is a chilled treat crafted using Sonic Drive-In’s signature vanilla soft-serve, combined with an assortment of candies and cookies.

Q: How is the pricing structured for Sonic Blasts?

A: You can purchase a small-sized Sonic Blast for $3.20, while the large size is priced at $3.70.

Q: How does a Sonic Blast differ from a regular shake?

A: While both Sonic Blasts are delightful, a Sonic Blast is a unique blend of Sonic’s creamy vanilla soft-serve and chunks of candy or cookies. In contrast, a milkshake is a smooth mixture of milk, ice cream, and various flavors. Owing to its ingredients, Sonic Blasts have a richer texture and a distinctive taste, thanks to the added candy and cookie chunks.

Q: What are the current prices for Sonic Blast?

A: For those looking to indulge, a small Sonic Blast is available for $3.20, and its larger counterpart for $3.70.

Q: Has Sonic discontinued the Blast from their menu?

A: No worries, Sonic Drive-In still offers the popular Sonic Blasts on their menu.

In conclusion, SONIC Blasts® from Sonic Drive-In presents a medley of flavors, promising an unparalleled dessert experience. Whether you’re in the mood for something fruity, chocolatey, or a fusion of both, there’s a SONIC Blast® awaiting you. Dive into this creamy universe, but remember, like all indulgences, the key is moderation and mindful enjoyment.