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In this article we will dive deep into the sonic shakes and drink menu., their flavors, calories all at a one place 

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Sonic Menu Drinks Flavors

At any Sonic joint, when you check out the menu, you’ll find a varietal wonderland of flavors to satiate the thirst of every customer. Whether you have an undying love for the classic cola or you want to dive into the fruity freshness of a Hi-C Fruit Punch, Sonic’s got it all.

Let’s set the stage: It’s a warm summer day, and you’re aching for something ice-cold. Maybe something fizzy tickles your fancy today. Here’s what can land in your eager hands:

  • Coca-Cola: The timeless favorite. Never going out of style, Coca-Cola at Sonic is served chilled, bubbly, and overflowing with caramel goodness that has made it a loved soda globally.
  • Diet Coke/Coke Zero: Love Coca-Cola but not the calories it comes with? No worries, mate! You can gulp down all that cola magic without the guilt!
  • Dr Pepper/Diet Dr Pepper: Want something less cola, more spicy cherry? These two are your perfect picks. They are chilled, fizzy, and have that iconic flavor profile that whisks you away to Soda-land.
  • Barq’s Root Beer: Now, here’s a soda that truly dances on your tongue. Drop by Sonic to enjoy this unique blend of the sassafras root, vanilla, and other spices.
  • Sprite/Sprite Zero: If you’re in the mood for zesty lemon and lime, step right up! These drinks provide the ideal tanginess with a dash of sweetness that accentuates every flavor.
  • Hi-C Fruit Punch: Fancy a fruity fiesta in a glass? With this one, it’s like taking a sip of summer itself!
  • Fanta Orange: Everyone’s beloved orange soda pop. The name itself makes you think of sunny playgrounds and happy afternoons, doesn’t it?
  • Powerade Mountain Berry Blast: Hydrate and energize after that grueling workout with this drink. It’s like a holiday for your tastebuds!
  • Ocean Water: With hints of coconut and tropical flavors, Sonic’s Ocean Water is like sipping the very essence of a beach vacation.

Now, put your straw down for a second while we dive into the milky realm of…

Sonic Drink Milkshakes

Well, a cheat day without a thick milkshake, is that really a cheat day at all? Sonic’s menu reels us in with an undeniable allure of their creamy milkshakes. A spoonful of these rich, ice-cold milkshakes will have you slurping till you see the bottom of the glass.

  • Vanilla: Simple, classic, and unfailingly delicious. The premium vanilla ice cream base gives this shake that adorable creamy yellow tint and the flavor profile of a vanilla dream.
  • Chocolate: Because who can resist the age-old combo of milk and chocolate? It wraps you in an inviting warm chocolatey hug despite its icy temperature.
  • Butterfinger: Get ready for a burst of crunchy, peanut-buttery goodness with every sip. It’s the fun-sized candy bar, whipped, churned, and served up in a glass for you!
  • Strawberry: If you’re looking for something fruity and creamy, this milkshake will make a loyal companion. Imagine slurping up the flavor of a fresh strawberry field blended with premium ice cream!
  • Oreo Cookies & Cream: Each sip feels like biting into a chilled Oreo. The delicious paradox that this creamy, cookie-loaded drink presents is truly mind-blowing!
  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup: This one has the signature smoothness of milk, richness of ice-cream, and added awesomeness of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups to send your tastebuds on a roller coaster ride.

Enough creamy business, it’s time for some solid fruit and coffee action with…

Sonic Drink Milkshakes

Sonic Coffee Drinks Types

Warning: Proceed only if you’re a coffee fanatic! 😄

Sonic Iced Coffee

This chilled delight has it all – the incredibly robust taste of 100% Arabica beans, that alluring aroma that makes you close your eyes and smile, and the icy coldness that shoos away all your stress and fatigue. Pick from regular, decaf, or the lovely French Vanilla, Hazelnut, and Mocha flavors.

Sonic Cold Brew Coffee

Now this one, she’s the boss. The cold brew process takes its sweet time of 20 hours, but boy oh boy, does it deliver that perfect, low-acid concoction! Visit your nearby Sonic to try out its regular or vanilla flavors.

Sonic Drinks Menu Frappuccinos

Fancy a delightful blend of ice, milk, and coffee? Get it in your hands pronto. It’s a layered wonderland with the added bonus of tea or fruit flavors. Choose from java-flavored Mocha, Java Chip, or Strawberries & Cream.

Special Sonic Beverage Boosters

Who doesn’t love a little extra? Think flavored syrups, dollops of whipped cream, or a chocolate drizzle to spruce up your already yummy coffee drink.

Sonic Drinks Menu Lattes

An ideal mix of smooth espresso, steamed milk and your choice of flavors – Caramel, Hazelnut, or Vanilla. Each one with the capacity to give your day a solid start.

Sonic Drinks Menu Cappuccinos

Looking for something a bit frothier? Brace yourself for a heavenly blend of rich espresso and not one, but two types of milk – steamed and foamed. Choose between Caramel, Hazelnut, and Vanilla.

Sonic Drinks Menu Espressos

No coffee list would be complete without this no-fuss, all-power shot. Sonic serves it in Short, Tall, Grande, and Venti sizes.

Sonic Americanos

Dig the robustness of espresso, but wish it was slightly diluted? Get your hot Espresso mixed with hot water, and enjoy your drink solo or with a tasty Sonic side. A choice for the true coffee-holics.

Sonic Drip Coffee

Want to take a trip down memory lane and relive your grandma’s brewing coffee in the kitchen? Opt for this traditional coffee made with freshly ground beans and hot water.

Top 5 Best Sonic Drinks

Been scratching your head, wondering about the best picks from the drinks menu at Sonic? We’ve listed them out for you!

  • Sonic Ocean Water: With a thrilling mix of blue raspberry, coconut, and pineapple flavors, this drink has an edge.
  • Sonic Cherry Limeade: The sweetness of cherries and tanginess of lime makes this drink your ultimate summer go-to.
  • Sonic Dr. Pepper Float: Because there’s no such thing as too much ice cream. Or Dr. Pepper.
  • Sonic Strawberry Watermelon Slush: Refreshingly cool, this fruity slush keeps you coming back for more.
  • Sonic Butterfinger Blast: A perfect combo of ice cream, milk, crunchy Butterfinger candy; this one’s a sensation in itself!

Now, let’s jump into the prices to see what you’re in for…

Sonic Drinks Menu with Prices 2023

Here’s the money talk, folks. Don’t fret, though. Sonic is light on the pocket and rich with taste!

Sonic Drink Prices

Signature Limeades$1.69 – $2.59
Famous Slushes$1.19 – $2.59
Candy Slushes$1.69 – $3.09
Real Fruit Slushes$2.19 – 2.99
Soft Drink$1.19 – $2.19
Soft Drink (Iced Tea)$3.99 (Gallon)
SONIC Splash$1.19 – $2.19
Ocean Water$1.39 – $2.29
Orange Juice or Cranberry Juice Cocktail$1.99 – $2.49
SONIC Wave Bottled Water$1.49
Premium Roast Coffee$1.49 – $1.79
SONIC Energy Drink$1.99 – $2.49

For those craving something more, we also have the frozen drinks!

Sonic Frozen Drinks Menu with Prices & Sizes

Java Chiller Shakes$2.99 – $4.39
Sonic Blast$2.89 – $5.49
Hand-Mixed Classic Shakes$1.99 – $4.59
Master Shakes$2.49 – $5.09
CreamSlush Treats$2.09 – $4.59
Old School Floats$2.09 – $4.39
Real Ice Cream Sundae$1.99 – $4.59
Molten Cake Sundae$4.29
Waffle Cone Sundae$2.29
Vanilla Waffle Cone$1.99
Master Blast$3.39 – $5.99

Top 9 Unforgettable Sonic Drink Specials

Sonic Ocean Water Drink Mix

If you’ve never had Sonic’s Ocean Water, you’re in for a treat. This blue beauty is not just pretty to look at, it’s a a fine mix of coconut and Sprite with a refreshing finish.

Sonic Pink Ladies Drink

Think of this Sonic pink drink as a fruity explosion with the tartness of lemonade and the sweet richness of strawberries.

Sonic Boba Drink

Although Sonic doesn’t serve traditional Boba or Bubble Tea, it does mix up fun, flavorful add-ins for a different take on the traditional offering.

Sonic Mixed Drinks

What’s better than a Sonic drink? A Sonic Mix Drink! These custom beverages offer a slew of varied options combining slushes and sodas with hints of real fruit or candy.

Sonic Red Bull Drink

An energizing go-to: Sonic’s Red Bull Slush. Perfect when you need a refreshing kick!

Purple O Sonic Drink

This drink is a sweet and tangy flavor ridden beverage that gets a thumbs up for its flavor and bright purple, eye-catching color.

Sonic Grease Drink

Sonic often releases special beverages to celebrate holidays, movies, or events. The Sonic Grease Drink is one such enticing novelty.

Sonic Shark Drink

A novelty drink, the Sonic Shark Drink is a creative blend of flavors and colors that make it both visually appealing and tasty.

Sonic Hedgehog Drink

In honor of the famous Sega character, Sonic the Hedgehog, this Sonic drink is a cool blue wave of flavor as quick and exciting as the speedster himself.

How to Order Sonic Drinks Online?

Getting your hands on a glass of Sonic beverage has never been this easy. Follow this step-by-step guide for a delightful Sonic at-home experience.

Ordering through the Sonic Website

Step 1: Navigate to the Sonic ordering website!

Step 2: Choose your preferred location.

Step 3: Click on “Drinks”.

Step 4: Whisk through the selection and add your preferred drinks to your cart.

Step 5: Continue shopping or proceed to checkout.

Step 6: Do create an account to make future orders in a jiffy.

Step 7: Apply a promo code at checkout for discounts, should you have one.

Ordering through the Sonic App

Step 1: Download the Sonic app on App Store or Google Play.

Step 2: Launch the app and sign in/registe.r

Step 3: Once registered, choose your location.

Step 4: Tap on “Drinks”.

Step 5: Select the drinks you crave and add to your cart.

Step 6: Continue shopping or checkout.

Happy sipping, folks! Always remember to treat your tastebuds to a Sonic, because every moment you share with Sonic, is a moment of joy! :)\

FAQs Regarding Sonic Drinks Menu

I know you must be thinking “What’s this Sonic Drinks Menu all about?” Well, if you are ready for the answers to some thirst-quenching FAQs, shall we begin?

What is the most popular drink at Sonic?

Popularity is a fickle thing, but at Sonic’s, it’s undeniably the Cherry Limeade Slush that’s winning hearts faster than you can say “another round, good mate!” It’s a charming concoction that combines the merry tartness of limes and the feminine, yet boisterous cherry flavors, topped off with that icy chill of slush. Hey, and for all you health-conscious folks out there, we’ve got a diet version too. No more running for the calorie hills with this one!

What are the flavors of Sonic drink Menu?

Sonic offers a fantastical catalog of drink flavors, certainly not for the faint-hearted. It’s almost like they threw a full-blown carnival of tastes and textures. Just a smidgen of patience, we are about to delve deeper into the fabulous world of Sonic Drink Flavors. Fasten your seatbelts!

What is a pink lady drink Sonic?

Ah, the beautiful and elusive Pink Lady! Now prepare yourself for a taste bud jiggle as this Sonic secret sashays in with Sprite, a tantalizing splash of cherry syrup, and a dollop of vanilla cream. Can we have a moment of silence for our palates that are about to embarking on a carnival ride of flavors?

What is the new Sonic drink 2023?

As the new year rang in, Sonic welcomed two new bevy-buddies to the family in 2023:

  1. The Strawberry Shortcake Snowball Slush Float – It’s the love child of a good old fashioned strawberry shortcake and a slush. Is there anything more refreshing?
  2. The Red Bull Summer Edition Slush – It’s almost as if Sonic decided to gift-wrap summer into a drink.

What drink is Sonic known for?

Bedazzling under the spotlight, the Cherry Limeade Slush steals the show. Soep up with this lively yet comforting blend that makes every day feel like a celebration!

What is ocean water at Sonic Drink Menu?

Let’s dive in deep with this, shall we? The Sonic Ocean Water is your perfect summertime buddy, colored a tantalizing blue, spritely Sprite shaking hands with a hint of coconut extract.

What is the large drink at Sonic Menu called?

Meet the Godzilla of drinks: the 444-ounce cup on the Sonic Menu. This behemoth borrows the name from the iconic Route 44 drink size and stands tall and proud as the king of cups.

What is the purple hippo drink at Sonic Menu Drinks?

Quirky and pleasing, the Sonic Purple Hippo is every bit as fascinating as its namesake, a scintillating blend of Sprite, lemonade, a dash of cranberry juice, and Powerade Mountain Berry Blast.

What is the Sonic bleeding blue drink in 2023?

Indulge in a feast for your eyes and your palate as the Sonic Bleeding Blue sways in. It’s a brew of Sprite, blue coconut, vanilla, and cream, and as delicious as it is theatric!

What are the weird Sonic menu shake flavors?

Even the adventurous eater stumbles at the weird and wonderful Sonic shake flavors:

  1. Peanut Butter and Bacon – Salty, sweet, and quite the treat
  2. Chocolate-Covered Banana – A cocktail fit for a monkey king,
  3. Pineapple Upside Down Cake – A dessert disguised as a drink,
  4. Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie – The dream drink of the Cookie Monster,
  5. Oreo Cheesecake Master Shake – Blend an Oreo, whisk in some cheesecake, and voila!

And that’s not it! There are many more on the Sonic Menu. A dive into Sonic’s drink menu feels like a journey around a flavorful world, with each combination offering a unique taste experience. But hey, a playful mind never settles, and neither does Sonic – so who knows what kind of tasty twist they’ll think of next?

Isn’t it great to find a place where choices are virtually endless? So don’t you dare to cure your thirst just about anywhere, when you have Sonic’s right there! Life is too short for boring sips after all.

  • Watermelon slush with cream – Sounds dreamy, doesn’t it?
  • Sprite with watermelon and cream – Breezy and absolutely smacking!

Complete List Of Sonic Drinks in 2023

But hey this party doesn’t stop here—Take a look at the “complete” Sonic Drinks Lineup for 2023.

  • Water Combinations
  • Diet Coke Combinations
  • Coke Combinations
  • Dr. Pepper Combinations
  • Sprite Combinations
  • Sprite Zero Combinations
  • Limemade Combinations
  • Rootbeer Combinations
  • Fanta Combinations
  • Ocean Water Combinations
  • Tea Combinations
  • Slush Combinations

Well, you made it till here? Awesome sauce! Sonic’s drinks menu offers a wide selection of uniquely crafted beverages to tantalize your taste buds. With a concoction for every personality and every craving, Sonic has certainly raised the bar when it comes to drive-through refreshments!

So next time you roll down to Sonic, remember, you have a guide to navigate through their maze of glorious sips. Go wild, explore, and who knows, you might find your own secret combination!

Remember: At Sonic, the drink possibilities are endless, “No great story ever started with someone drinking water.”- or did it? It seems we did start this one with water combinations!

Brushes dust off hands That’s it from me! I bet next time you order a Sonic drink, you’ll remember the roller coaster of flavors we went through today. Here’s to more fun and frolic at Sonic cheers!

I hope you found your thirsty thoughts quenched with our rundown of the Sonic menu. Stay hydrated, folks!

Remember, don’t be a bore, explore! And the year 2023 has a whole load of thirst-quenching fun waiting just for you at a Sonic Drive-In near you!

Diet Coke Combinations

  • diet coke with lime
  • diet coke with vanilla
  • diet coke with extra ice
  • diet coke with white coconut
  • diet coke with cherry
  • diet coke with cherry and lime
  • diet coke with mint
  • diet coke with caramel and vanilla

Coke Combinations

  • coke with vanilla
  • coke with cherry
  • coke with caramel and vanilla
  • coke with caramel and cream
  • coke with vanilla and cream
  • coke with lime
  • coke with orange
  • coke with vanilla and cranberry

Dr. Pepper Combinations

  • dr. pepper with vanilla cream
  • dr. pepper with vanilla
  • cherry lime dr. pepper
  • chocolate dr. pepper
  • caramel drizzle dr. pepper
  • chocolate vanilla dr. pepper
  • dr. pepper with whipped cream and cherries
  • dr. pepper with green apple
  • dr. pepper with blue coconut

Sprite Combinations

  • sprite with cranberry and vanilla
  • sprite with cranberry
  • sprite with watermelon
  • sprite with cherry, orange, and pineapple
  • sprite with vanilla and cranberry
  • sprite with watermelon and cream
  • sprite with whipped cream and cherries
  • sprite with blue coconut and whipped cream
  • sprite with blue coconut and cream
  • sprite with white coconut
  • sprite with cherry and whipped cream
  • sprite with cherry, whipped cream, and cherries
  • sprite with orange
  • sprite with orange and pineapple
  • sprite with orange, pineapple, and cherries
  • sprite with orange, pineapple, cherries, and cream
  • sprite with blackberry
  • sprite with raspberry

Sprite Zero Combinations

  • sprite zero with cranberry
  • sprite zero with strawberry
  • sprite zero with peach
  • sprite zero with watermelon
  • sprite zero with cranberry and vanilla
  • sprite zero with cherry, orange, and pineapple
  • sprite zero with vanilla and cranberry
  • sprite zero with white coconut
  • sprite zero with blackberry
  • sprite zero with raspberry

Limemade Combinations

  • cranberry limeade
  • peach limeade
  • peach limeade with cherries
  • cranberry peach limeade
  • cranberry peach limeade with cherries
  • cherry limeade
  • strawberry limeade
  • cherry limeade with vanilla
  • cherry limeade with vanilla and cream
  • strawberry limeade with vanilla and cream
  • peach limeade with vanilla and cream
  • strawberry limeade with orange
  • peach limeade with orange
  • cherry limeade with orange
  • watermelon limeade
  • watermelon limeade with extra lime
  • mango limeade
  • mango limeade with orange

Rootbeer Combinations

  • rootbeer with cream
  • rootbeer with vanilla
  • rootbeer with vanilla and cream
  • rootbeer with whipped cream and cherries

Fanta Combinations

  • fanta with vanilla
  • fanta with vanilla and cream
  • fanta with strawberry
  • fanta with cherry
  • fanta with whipped cream and cherries

Ocean Water Combinations

  • regular ocean water
  • cherry ocean water
  • cherry vanilla ocean water

Tea Combinations

  • peach sweet tea
  • sweet tea with cream and vanilla
  • sweet tea with coconut
  • half sweet tea half lemonade
  • sweet tea with mint
  • green tea with mint
  • green tea with cream and vanilla
  • sweet tea with orange and cream
  • green tea with peach
  • green tea with mango
  • sweet tea with strawberry
  • sweet tea with strawberry and cream

Slush Combinations

  • lemon berry slush
  • blue cream slush
  • watermelon lime slush
  • nerds slush
  • watermelon slush
  • watermelon slush with cream

A Refreshing Sonic Secret Menu Treat Review

If you’re someone who loves trying unique and exciting drinks, then you’re in for a treat! Today, I want to introduce you to a delightful concoction that will surely leave your taste buds craving for more. It’s called the Slap Your Mama Slushy, and it’s part of the secret menu at Sonic.

The Flavorful Ingredients

This heavenly slushy is made with a combination of blue raspberry Powerade, lemon, and raspberry flavors. All of these delicious ingredients are expertly mixed together to create a beverage that is truly extraordinary. Just looking at it in the cup, you can see the beautiful blue shade that entices you to take a sip.

A Taste Like No Other

Now, let’s talk about the most important thing – the taste! When I took my first sip, I was instantly blown away. The Slap Your Mama Slushy reminded me of one of my all-time favorite popsicles, the Widow’s Bomb Pops. It has a smooth and refreshing flavor that will transport you back to your childhood. The combination of red, white, and blue flavors is simply mouthwatering.

The Verdict: Slap Your Mama Good

I know you’re probably wondering if this secret menu item lives up to the hype. Well, let me assure you that it absolutely does! The Slap Your Mama Slushy is a showstopper in terms of taste. It’s a thirst-quenching and flavor-packed delight that will leave you wanting more. Don’t worry about the nutrition information; this drink is so good that you won’t even care.

Join the Slap Your Mama Slushy Craze

If you’re ready to embark on a flavor adventure, head over to your nearest Sonic and order the Slap Your Mama Slushy. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. It’s no wonder that this hidden gem is gaining popularity among Sonic lovers. Experience the smooth and satisfying taste that will make you want to join the Slap Your Mama Slushy craze.

What Others Have to Say

I’m not the only one who thinks this slushy is extraordinary. I’ve received rave reviews from my friends and fellow slushy enthusiasts who couldn’t stop talking about it. One of them even gave it a 90 on the taste scale. So, you can rest assured that this delightful drink doesn’t just impress me but others as well.

The Final Verdict

To wrap it up, the Slap Your Mama Slushy from Sonic is a game-changer in the world of slushy drinks. With its smooth and flavorful taste, it’s a must-try for anyone looking to quench their thirst in a unique and exciting way. I give it a showstopper rating and an overall score of 101. Don’t miss out on this delightful treat that will leave you craving for more.

P.S. If you enjoyed this blog post, don’t forget to share it with your friends and comment below to let us know your thoughts on the Slap Your Mama Slushy!


There are lots of fresh and creative drinks to suit every taste at Sonic. Their menu offers both timeless favorites and new options.

If you’re a drink lover, Sonic has many choices for you. You can choose a simple, refreshing drink or a unique, bold mix.

Sonic has the best drinks every time you visit. Every time you visit, you can find something new and exciting.

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