Sonic Banana Pudding Shake 2024 – Limited Time Offer


The Sonic Banana Pudding Shake is a limited edition treat that blends Sonic’s real ice cream with fresh banana and banana pudding flavor, mixed with NILLA Wafers. It’s topped with whipped cream, more VANILLA Wafers, and a cherry. This shake was designed to recall the nostalgic taste of homemade banana pudding. It was available for limited time and could ordered through Sonic’s app for easy pickup.

What Makes the Sonic Banana Pudding Shake Special?

The Sonic Banana Pudding Shake is more than a drink—it a trip down memory lane. Every sip is packed with the dreamy taste fresh bananas and vanilla wafers, topped with whipped cream and a, crafting a sippable version of the beloved traditional dessert.


Here’s a list of the ingredients typically found in Sonic’s Banana Pudding Shake:

  • Sonic’s Real Ice Cream
  • Fresh banana
  • Banana pudding flavor
  • NILLA Wafers
  • Whipped
  • Additional crumbled NILLA Wafers
  • Cherry (on top)

These ingredients combine to create a rich and creamy shake that mimics the classic flavors of banana pudding.

Current Prices for Sonic’s Banana Pudding Shake

If you’re looking to enjoy Sonic’s Banana Pudding Shake, the prices are quite reasonable and vary by size. The smallest option, the Mini, is priced at $1.99. If you’re after something a bit larger, the Small size is available for $3.79. For those with a bigger appetite, the Medium size costs $3.59, and the Large, offering the most value, is $4.59. Keep in mind that prices might vary depending on your location.

Nutritional Insights and Serving Sizes

Whether you’re looking for a small treat or a large indulgence, the shake comes in various sizes to cater to your craving:

  • Mini (530 calories)
  • Small (760 calories)
  • Medium (1020 calories)
  • Large (1500 calories)

Each serving is rich in flavor also in calories, mostly deriving from fats and carbohydrates, making it a perfect occasional splurge.

Availability and Ordering

Initially available through August 29th in participating locations, this shake could be ordered via Sonic’s mobile app or directly at their outlets. To ensure you don’t miss out on seasonal offerings like this, it’s advisable to check availability at your local Sonic Drive-In.

Why the Shake Resonates with Fans

The Banana Pudding Shake has garnered fans for its ability to replicate the essence of banana pudding in a refreshing format. However, it has also faced critiques regarding its consistency, some preferring a thicker. Despite this, its unique flavor combination has made it a memorable item Sonic’s dessert menu.


In my review of Sonic’s Banana Pudding Shake, I delve into this delightful treat tailored for true banana aficionados. The shake melds vanilla ice cream with lush banana pudding, ample chunks of banana, crisp Nilla wafers, and is crowned a cherry.

It’s rich in banana flavor and offers a pleasing crunch from the wafers, yet it’s noticeably thinner than Sonic’s standard banana shake. As someone passionate about all things banana, I give it a solid 8 out of 10. It’s a must-try for fellow banana lovers, although its intense flavor might overwhelm those with a milder palate.

Final Thought!

Sonic’s Banana Pudding Shake is a delightful, creamy concoction that blends childhood dessert flavors with the convenience of a fast-food treat. While it’s a caloric indulgence, the unique taste and nostalgic appeal make it a must-try for fans of innovative dessert options.

FAQs Regarding Sonic Banana Pudding Shake

How many calories are in a Banana Classic Shake?

The mini size of the Banana Classic Shake, a favorite among sweet tooth aficionados, packs a substantial 750 calories. This might seem high, but it’s all part the indulgent experience that comes with every sip of this creamy, banana-flavored delight. When you’re enjoying such a treat, it’s less about the calories and more about the joy and nostalgia of savoring a classic shake.

Can I get the Banana Classic Shake dairy-free?

Absolutely! For those who prefer to avoid dairy, the Banana Classic Shake can be customized to suit your dietary needs. Opt for the soy-based soft serve instead of the traditional vanilla soft serve. This not only makes it dairy-free but also retains the smooth, creamy texture that we all love in a shake. It’s a great way for everyone to enjoy a classic treat without having to compromise on dietary preferences.

What are the allergen concerns with this shake?

A key concern for many is allergens, particularly peanuts. Due to the risk of peanut cross-contact, it’s crucial for anyone with peanut allergies to be cautious. We strongly recommend checking our Allergen Guide or requesting additional nutrition information before placing your order. Ensuring the safety and well-being of our customers is paramount, and we strive to provide as much information as possible to help you make informed choices.

Is the Banana Classic Shake suitable for a vegetarian diet?

Yes, this shake is definitely vegetarian-friendly. Our Banana Classic Shake includes ingredients that comply with a vegetarian diet. However, if you’re strict about avoiding all animal products, remember to specify no whipped topping when you order. This provides a simple yet effective way for vegetarians and even some vegans to enjoy this tasty treat without compromising their dietary ethics.

The Sonic Banana Pudding Shake 2024 is more than just a drink; it’s a brief indulgence that promises to bring a smile with every sip. Whether you’re counting calories, choosing dairy-free, concerned about allergens, or adhering to a vegetarian diet, this shake is designed to be enjoyed by all. So, grab one while you can—it’s only available for a limited time!

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