Best Sonic Half Price Burger Deal

Get ready, burger enthusiasts! SONIC® Cheeseburger, a cornerstone of the classic fast-food cuisine, has come to quench your burger thirst.

Sonic Half Price Cheese Burger

Crafted with a 100% pure seasoned beef patty, draped in a blanket of melty American cheese and enclosed within the soft embrace of a golden, toasted bun, this burger is the Holy Grail of burgers. Wait, did I mention the crinkle-cut pickles, the perfectly balanced Ketchup, or the diced onions tickling your taste buds with their unique flavor? Well, buckle up for an explosive flavor ride.


Next comes the harmonious medley of creamy mayonnaise, crispy lettuce, and ripe tomatoes. All these, coupled with the savory meat patty, work together to carry you on waves of delight, bite after delightful bite. It’s a symphony of flavor to satisfy even the most stubborn of cravings!

Nutritional Information

As the old saying goes, ‘Know what you eat.’ The SONIC® Cheeseburger isn’t just about addictive flavors; it also packs a robust nutritional punch:

  • 31 grams of protein for your muscle-building needs
  • 53 grams of carbohydrates for the energy kick to conquer your day
  • 2 grams of dietary fiber for an efficient running digestive system
  • Be mindful of the 12 grams of total sugars
  • 42 grams of fat, remember fatty foods are best enjoyed in moderation
  • 70 milligrams of cholesterol
  • 1380 milligrams of sodium, caution for those on a low sodium diet
  • 720 energizing calories in each burger
  • A cocktail of essential vitamins and minerals like calcium, iron, vitamin A, and vitamin C

Tuesday will never be the same again, thanks to Sonic’s incredible Tuesday Half Price Cheeseburger deal, exclusive to their app and online. Not only do you get to savour a delicious burger, but you also spare your wallet the horror of a full-priced meal.

Sonic’s Tuesday Half Price Burger Deal Review

There’s anticipation in the air. The wrapper is gently peeled back, revealing the towering burger within. A cascade of fresh lettuce and a healthy dollop of Sonic’s signature comeback sauce greet you. Nestled beneath them, you find two hearty strips of hickory smoked bacon, a robust beef patty and a filling slice of American cheese.

The stars align with the first bite; it’s an orchestration of taste. The cheese has melted beautifully, a pleasant surprise for the veteran Sonic enthusiast. The beef patty is well cooked and seasoned, complimented by the smoky symphony performed by the bacon accompaniment. The much-hyped comeback sauce does not disappoint either, with its tangy uniqueness adding just the right kick. The bun could have been fresher, but overall, it’s a culinary experience worth every penny.

What Time Does Sonic Closes

For the late-night snackers or early birds wondering, “What time does Sonic close near me?” or “What’s the latest on the menu?” remember, Sonic is just a click, tap, or call away:

FAQ’s Regarding Sonic Half Price Burger deal

When is Sonic’s family night?

Every Tuesday is a celebration at Sonic Drive-In. The family night deal will have every member of your tribe grinning from ear to ear, with savings that make dining out a treat for your wallet, too!

Is the grilled cheese burger available at Sonic?

Yes! The Grilled Cheese Burger from Sonic is a dream come true for flavor chasers. Combining sharp cheddar cheese with the peppery kick of bacon ranch, it’s a meal to remember.


The last word? Sonic’s Tuesday Half Price Burger is the ultimate treat for burger lovers everywhere. Savor the divine Sonics flavors without breaking the bank! Now that’s something to write home about. So gear up and get your Sonic Tuesday game face on. Happy eating!